UTurn Club is a place where the UTurn community can hangout, make friends and receive and experience the Power of God in their life..

UTurn club Ranchi is a place where nearly 700 youth gather every week to enjoy in the presence of God. This UTurn Club provides an opportunity for every youth to form a community that motivates and encourages one another to excel for Jesus. During this time the youth listen to the word of God, worship the Lord, exhibit their talents and have a wonderful fellowship with one another.


"I joined the UTurn Club in 2013. During that time I was in addiction, living an unholy life. But when I started attending the service many unholy things started to vanish. In 2015 I received Holy Spirit and that was the major turning point for me. Things started to change; not only spiritually but also in other areas like family life and studies. In the midst of this journey, I was proposed to be a volunteer in the UTurn Club 2016 and till now I'm growing and serving the Lord."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Anjali Lakra - UTurn Club Ranchi